Do We Need A New Theory Of Particles & Nuclei?

The official answer is quite emphatically, no! In fact, the opinion leaders say that the current theories, QED & QCD, match experiments in every particular. Gravity is still a bit of a problem, but String Theorists are expected to discover how to meld it into the Grand Synthesis!

I am puzzled by this apparent mood of self-satisfaction. When I look into current theories, I find incredible experimental accomplishments, sophisticated mathematical analysis, ingenious interpretations, clever schemes of classification, and reasonably satisfying quantitative corroboration. There is much to admire! Yet I find many unanswered questions, particularly those concerning the structures and dynamics of phenomena! Let me bring some of these to your attention:

Unanswered Questions:

There are many other unsatisfying elements of current theories that deserve to be treated at length, but I think it better to bring these up at appropriate places as this work unfolds.

To begin your detailed study of how Infinite Particle Physics answers the above questions, please begin with the article "Introduction".

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